White Papers by Kurt Gutzmann

Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Fraud Detection Systems.  This paper explains how to measure detection performance objectively, and construct the receiver operation characteristic curve (ROC) for a system.  The formulation of the cost-benefit function is then optimized based on the ROC.

Operational Simulation for Optimization of Fraud Operations.  This paper describes GCX's trace-driven fraud operations simulator and how it is used to understand and optimize fraud operations management.

Technical Papers by Kurt Gutzmann

Combinatorial Optimization using a Continuous State Boltzmann Machine.  A pioneering paper by Mr. Gutzmann in the area of neural networks, Boltzmann machines, NP-complete optimization, and simulated annealing.

Role-Based Access Control in the HTTP Environment.  This paper describes a fielded implementation of RBAC and session management for web-based systems, well before any vendor supported this functionality.

A Complete List of Mr. Gutzmann's professional publications.